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Tired of throwing the same old dull boring birthday party? Looking for a birthday party idea that makes you a hero, while making their special day easier on you? We will make your next birthday party special, whether for a kid, or for a kid at heart.


Your birthday boy or girl will be thrilled beyond compare when our 31 foot limousine styled video game theater pulls up to your residence! Inside, we provide comfortable stadium seating for up to 30 with the most advanced true surround experiece that includes 3D viewing, and 16 kids can play against each or seperately at each station. Our mobile game theater is climate controlled, so we’re ready to party year round! Weather permitting; our two outdoor game stations add another 8 guests that can play at the same time. Got your dance moves ready?


Worried about video game ratings? Don’t! We understand the importance of providing appropriate games for your party. When you book your party, you select games for your guests. 


Our trained staff knows how to keep the fun and excitement moving. If you are concerned about the number of kids in attendance, don’t be! We understand how to rotate our guests at different intervals so everyone has a great time. 


Looking for a great way to bring your team together or show appreciation to your customers both internal & external? 


Your colleagues will be wowed by our awesome state of the art gaming theater! It’s an event that’ll not only bring out their healthy competitive nature, but it’ll be a great Corporate Event that they will remember forever. There’s hardly any prep time, just book your event and that day one of our friendly staff members will show up and get the good times rolling!


Having a Big Sales event or customer appreciation event? Games Gone Mobile can provide hours of entertainment for all ages. 


If that wasn't enough, how about use of our satellite TV service while your event is going on?  We have a complete satellite system that allows you to watch hundreds of different channels including major sporting events!


Our limo style, climate controlled, gaming theater provides the ultimate experience for Team Building, Rewarding your Teams, Product Launches or any other Corporate Event. 


Looking for a cool way to raise funds for your church or school? Games Gone Mobile has the perfect solution.  We have the most advanced gaming theater in the Carolinas, the largest TVs, 3D action and the most amazing theater surround sount.  That translates into increased revenue.


The uniqueness of our theater, along with our varied services, provides you a fantastic way to take in money or reward those that sell other goods on your behalf!


Option 1 - Patrons Pay


- Use our service as a means to draw patrons to your event & raise money


- Your organization collects money or tickets


- Games Gone Mobile team keeps the party rolling and rotates players based upon # minutes of play you determine (i.e. $5 for 15 mins)


Option 2 - Organization Pays


- Use our service as an incentive or reward for fundraisers or as part of a flat-fee admission


- Use our service as a means to draw patrons to your event 


- Games Gone Mobile team keeps the event rolling and rotate players based upon # minutes of play you determine (i.e. 15 mins)



Looking to throw the ultimate Tailgate Party? How about a football competition with the latest games like Madden 25 and NCAA 2K14 on the hot new PS4 & XBOX ONE.


We bring our 32' climate controlled video game theater to your home or even at the parking lot of the big game!  Inside we provide stadium seating for 30 with a high tech sound system and four huge 60" 3D HDTV's.  Outside we have two more 60" 3D HDTV's that  adds another 8 guests playing video games at the same time!


Here's where the tailgate party becomes an event.  Our theater is equipped with a HD satellite dish that gets the very best sporting events.  We can display that game on one or all of our TV's, it's all up to you!  And because it's HD (where games are available), you get that living room feeling while making it a tailgate at the same time.


Still want more?  We also bring our 12x12 enclosable party tent that can be setup around the gaming theater, includes 4 chairs.


Got Game? Show off your skills with a Halo or Black Ops Tournament. Up to 16 players competing at once.


Games Gone Mobile sales coaches will organize and manage the entire compettion and even award the winner with a free Games Gone Mobile T-shirt. 


Nothing better than a friendly competition at your doorstep. We bring the fun and excitement. 

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"Better than Game Truck"


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