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The Experience

“Wow”, “Amazing”, “Cool”, “Looks like FUN” , these are just some of the phrases we hear when someone steps inside our 30 plus foot  mobile theater. Rain, shine, hot, cold? No worries, our theater is fully climate control and self powered. Completely operated by an  Ipad mini. Up to 24 players at one time with stadium seating for even more. Our theater is worlds above our competition and truly a  technological showcase. We designed the interior to be fun, exciting and extremely unique. Check out some of these exclusive cool  features.

The Comparison

So how do we compare? Take a look of these two photos and the answer is very clear…..there is no comparison to Games Gone Mobile! Which one would you want at your party?

Games Gone Mobile Interior

Competitors Interior

The Gaming Gear

Six, yes six, XBOX 360s & One with Kinect, PS3 & 4 and two Wii U consoles, no not the outdated original Wii. Nothing but the latest  technology here. Yes, you read this correctly, we have the next generation consoles, the new PS4 & Xbox One!!!


Ultimate Racing Experience – Two PLAYSEAT racing simulation cockpits let you THRILL to the same experience that real-life racing  drivers feel behind the wheel. Discover why professional video gamers know there’s nothing like the feeling you get when you bolt a  feedback wheel to your game seat. Experience the rock solid feeling of steering, accelerating and braking without the hassle of a  slippery pedal or the disappointment of a cheap trembling wheel attached to your desk.


Six 60" inch High Definition TVs with 3D Cinema Screens. Each seat has 4 sets of 3D glasses available. Infinity Ceilings have colorful  LED lights that appear to go into, well, infinity. Liquid Motion Floors, totally groovy floors that liquids flow and swirl around your feet  and literally form a work of art. Magic Flex Walls, gets its’ effects of motion from thousands of minute parabolic lenses moulded into  both sides of the surface. These lenses create shimmering patterns, stardust sparkles, shimmering silk, geometric repetition, all  remarkably three dimensional. Phillips hue lighting throughout controlled by Apple app. Interior & Exterior Camera for remote  viewing inside the comfort of your home. Yes, sit back on the couch and watch your kids have a blast while you relax.


Experience the awesome sound of true theater surround with 5.1 Dolby Digital & DTS Surround Sound with over 30 speakers powered by over 3000 watts. Four Kicker professional grade  subwoofers. Each TV has a dedicated surround system for the very best in audio fidelity.

"Better than Game Truck"


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